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Handi-House is the oldest, most established PORTABLE BUILDING manufacturer in the Southeast, manufacturing and striving for excellence since 1966, close to 50 years of distributing storage buildings throughout the South.

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At Handi-House, we know our future depends on you, our valued customer.

Simply put, repeat business and referrals are the reasons we’ve continued to thrive through all these years. You’ll notice we have a wide variety of structures and styles of storage buildings to meet each customer’s individual needs. We range from the most economically priced units to the more elaborate buildings in order to meet certain state or residential code requirements. It is our hope that every customer is treated as honestly and respectfully as possible by every Handi House dealer. Hopefully, any problems that arise will be taken care of by our local representative. However, to assure each customer of our loyalty, if problems occur and are not handled with satisfaction, please contact our office at 800-722-6436.


New Type Eve

This is our most economical basic-style storage building, available in both wood-stud and steel-stud frames. This shed offers the basic in storage with still an attractive appearance that would fit your needs. Our aluminum framed door is standard on this unit, however you can substitute any mobile home type or roll up door.

Lofted Barn

The Lofted Barn is the latest style we have in our line of products. It can be built with metal or wood siding and either a metal or shingle roof, whichever your preference. This building comes standard with a 4 foot loft, a single 48″ door on 8 wide buildings, and double 72″ doors on 10 and 12 wide buildings. Handi House added this new style building to provide you with extra height beyond our standard storage building.

Cedar Shed

This unit is the most prestigious of all our models. Handi House uses only number one 1″x8″ cedar boards to construct the building. It is standard with a wood door, metal roof, and a certain number of windows and electrical outlets depending on the size of the unit that you prefer. As with all of our buildings, a shingle roof is available if requested.



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